Yr 5 Activity Week

The year 5 students enjoyed a wonderful week of outdoor activities.  It was made all the more pleasant by warm, sunny weather.  While the warm days were very much appreciated, they necessitated gear checks for water-bottles, hats and sunscreen before setting out each day as well as frequent reminders to drink, keep hats on and reapply sunscreen.

Learning about beach and sea safety at St Kilda was a great start to the week.  Knowing how to be safe at the beach, how to recognise dangerous rips and currents, and revising basic swimming rules is very important for everyone.  A cool swim in the waves was a great way to finish the day. 

After a short walk to Chisholm Golf Links on Tuesday the students practised a variety of golf swings with specially designed clubs and balls under the expert guidance of Ryan, from Sport Otago.  We had an enjoyable morning of golf followed by a picnic in the shade of the trees.  Thank you to Mr and Mrs Court for organising and hosting our visit.

The students were happy to have classroom based Christmas crafts after two busy physical activities.  They made a variety of amazing 3D creations including huge paper snowflakes, Santas, 3D Christmas cards, glitter baubles, key rings .. and many more.  Thank you to Mrs Helm and Mrs Todd for organising and setting up all the craft activities.

The students also enjoyed chilling out while watching a movie after a delicious ‘take-away’ lunch.

The pyjama day and school French themed breakfast were a great success.  Many said they tried new foods for the first time and all ate far more than they indicated on their breakfast menu order.  It was a very pleasant event.

After a leisurely  walk, the students had morning tea and a play at Kettle Park on Thursday.  After another short walk and a picnic at St Clair they enjoyed a lovely swim at the St Clair hot water pool.  It was surreal swimming in the pool and abreast of  giant waves rolling onto St Clair beach.  What a lovely place to spend the afternoon!

The students enjoyed a busy Friday morning bouncing and jousting at Inflatable World.  By the end of our session they were suitably tired and ready for a big drink and lunch.  They enjoyed a lovely lunch in the shade of the trees at Queen’s Gardens.  A short walk later and we were at the Art Gallery with Mr Neumegen.  The students saw an art exhibit of a crashed car that was made entirely out of wood – including the cigarette butts and the tools lying on the car floor!  They also created 3D city-scapes and castles.  It was great to use their creative talents after such a physically challenging morning. 

We are very grateful to the parents and grandparents who supported us during outdoor activity week.  Without your support we would be unable to have the fun and challenging experiences enjoyed by all.  A sincere thank you to all.


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