Totara Team visit a Dairy Farm

On Thursday the 20th of September the Totara Team students, teachers and
parent helpers travelled to Outram to visit a dairy farm.  They had an
exciting and informative time, and were able to see the source of many
foods that were studied in the 'Food for Thought' programme as well as
'Cheese Making' activities, and 'Eating for Health'.  It was especially
good to see how technology is used in the milk process: they learned that
each cow had a microchip in her ear and the milking shed computers record
how much milk she produced for each milk and for each the day, as well as
what pasture she has been eating from, and this is added to her other
statistics such as her age and number of calves, vaccinations and her
weight.  Most people said their favourite part was patting the new born


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