School Ski Weekend 2018

Anderson’s Bay School Ski Trip  

On the 10th to the 12th of August we went on the Anderson's Bay School ski trip to Cardrona. We all meet at the base building at 7.45am to collect our ski gear. Once we had our skis we went to the learner slope to be sorted into groups for lessons. The lessons went for an hour and a half.

After the lessons most of us split up into the White Star, Captain’s and McDougall’s trails, plus the learner’s slope depending on our ability. Most of us all meet up at lunch and then we went back out skiing. At 4.30pm everyone packed up and put their ski’s in the storage area. Some of us went to the Cardrona Hotel on the way home.

The next day we went back up the mountain and it was another nice day.  We got back into our groups for another lesson and we had another great day of skiing.

Overall it was a fun ski trip.

Written by James Kinney (Room 11)

A big thank you goes to Laurence Potter for organising the trip. 



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