1100 Students take part in a special ukulele Jam!

For most of term 1, the Andersons Bay ukulele group, (54 members,) have been practicing to try and be selected for the Ed-u-cate welcome concert. Unfortunately only 30 students from each school were permitted to go from the schools that registered.
Four songs were chosen by the convenor, Alison Caldwell from St Clair School, for each school to practice including Ed Sheerans ‘Photograph’.
The big day arrived and we all arrived enmass in central Octagon with 1100 students from Dunedin schools.
The sun shone, the children played and sang amazingly. Even our esteemed principal had a cameo appearance on guitar in the support band.
Ed Sheeran would have enjoyed so many young people engaging in the music process. 
We came away feeling the better for the experience and the special opportunities that we have in Dunedin.



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